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Discover 5
Interior Design Modes

Before Interior Design
After Interior Design

Fill Empty Space

  • •Quick Transformation: Say goodbye to the emptiness with just a few clicks.
  • •Personalized Style: Choose from furnishings that reflect your taste.
  • •Perfect Fit Every Time: Our AI ensures an ideal selection for your space.
  • •Smart & Simple: A seamless solution that personalizes your home instantly.
Before Interior Design
After Interior Design

Restyle a Room

  • •Unlock a Fresh Look: See your room in new, stylish layouts with our 'Room Restyle' mode.
  • •Express Your Style: Rotate through furniture arrangements that match your design preferences.
  • •Visualize the Change: Get a preview of the transformation before any physical changes.
  • •Invigorate Your Home: Refresh your space for a renewed feel, quickly and effortlessly.
Before Interior Design
After Interior Design

Change Room Type

  • •Easy Room Swap: Effortlessly transition a study into a guest room or a lounge into a playroom.
  • •Lifestyle Adaptability: Our tool adjusts your room to suit your daily needs, whether for work or leisure.
  • •Imagine the Possibilities: Experiment with different room functions before making a commitment.
  • •Personalize Your Space: Create a versatile environment that evolves with you.
Before Interior Design
After Interior Design

Sketch to Reality

  • •From Idea to Space: Transform your design sketches into real-life room settings seamlessly.
  • •Creative Freedom: Bring your own sketches to life with AI precision and detail.
  • •Powered by Your Imagination: See a photorealistic preview of your own room designs.
  • •Experience Your Dream Design: Marvel as your hand-drawn concepts become tangible spaces.
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3


  • •Explore Endless Possibilities: Dive into a world of design inspiration tailored for any style.
  • •Tailored Suggestions: Discover room designs handpicked for your unique taste.
  • •Ignite Your Imagination: Get creative with your home transformation journey.
  • •Design Your Dream Space: Bring potential to every room with curated inspiration.


Choose from near 30 design styles

Art Deco style

Art Deco

Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau

Bohemian style


Coastal style


Contemporary style


Eclectic style


Farmhouse style


French Country style

French Country

Hollywood Glamour style

Hollywood Glamour

Industrial Chic style

Industrial Chic

Mediterranean style


Mid-century modern style

Mid-century modern

Minimalist style


Modern style


Moroccan style


Nautical style


Retro style


Rustic style


Scandinavian style


Shabby Chic style

Shabby Chic

Tropical style


Victorian style


Vintage style


AI Interior Design Tool for

For You, Family & Friends

You, Family & Friends

For Interior Designers

Interior Designers

For Architects


For the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Industry

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